Ryujin Bungy

2133-6 Keganochō Hitachiōta-shi, Ibaraki-ken, Japan, 313-0351

100 meters     |     First Jump ¥16,000

Ibaraki is home to the Ryujin Otsuribashi, the longest pedestrian suspension bridge on Japan’s main island. The bridge stands a staggering 100 meters over Ryujin Gorge making it Japan’s highest bungy experience. The Japanese characters for Ryujin stand for dragon god, which is reflected in the main pillars of the bridge that are designed to have a dragon feel.

Walking across the bridge is enough to give you a small thrill but with Bungy Japan our platform is located inside the bridge below the walking deck so for those not brave enough to take the jump we grant access to said platform for one spectator per group (extra fees apply) so you can get a taste of the pure rush the jumpers feel.

While you’re in the area visit Takyu Shrine, try the local buckwheat noodles (soba), or go for a hike in the abundance of mountains surrounding the bridge.

But most of all the area’s highlight is Ryujin Bungy , which has become Japan’s premier bungy jump, and one of the most exciting experiences of any sort nation wide. It’s no surprise that countless celebrities have taken the plunge and several major commercials have featured the bridge. Test your will, and come experience for yourself one of Japan’s biggest thrills!

  • 100 meters (328.084 feet)
  • Minimum Age 15 yrs
  • Weight: Min 40kg – Max 105 kg (88 ~ 230 pounds)
  • Year Round
  • 9:00 – 17:30 (Last booking time is 16:30). Open 7 days a week

Address: 2133-6 Keganochō, Hitachiōta-shi, Ibaraki-ken, Japan ‎313-0351

Q: How do I get to Bungy Japan Ryujin by car? How long does it take?

  • Access (by car): Take the Joban Expressway from Misato IC to Naka IC (80 min) and then continue along Highway 349 until you reach Ryujin Otsuribashi (40min). Alternatively, take the Joban Expressway from Misato IC to Hitachi Minami Ota IC (80 min) and then continue along Highway 349 Bypass until you reach Ryujin Otsuribashi (40min).

How do I get to Bungy Japan Ryujin by train? How long does it take?

  • Access (by train): Take the JR Joban Line (Super Hitachi) from Ueno Stn. to Mito Stn. (70 min) where you will change to the JR Suigun Line and continue on to Hitachi Ota Stn. (50 min). At the station, board an Ibaraki Kotsu bus that is headed for either Shimo Takakura (下高倉行) or Shimo Takakura Daigo ( 下高倉・大子行) and get off at the Ryujin Otsuribashi Iriguchi bus stop (40 min). From the bus stop, it is about a 20-minute walk up to the bridge.For more information on the Ibaraki Kotsu bus schedule, please click HERE and choose “English”


After exiting Route 33 there are four parking lots available at the Ryujin Suspension Bridge. Please note the top lots tend to fill during peak seasons.

Before making a booking please make sure that you have read our participation requirements below. You can check availability or make a booking for our Ryujin bungy site using our online booking system. If you have any problems or would prefer to talk to someone about your booking please feel free to call us at 0278-72-8133 (we have English speakers available). Bookings are essential if you wish to ensure that you are able to jump at a time that is convenient for you especially on weekends and public holidays.

Here are some things to keep in mind regarding our booking procedure –

** Priority is given to customers who have made a booking.
** It is possible to jump without a booking but it is possible that there will be up to a 3 hour wait.
** Our bookings are made up of 30 minute blocks throughout the day with up to 6 people per block.
** For a group of 4 people allow at least 1 hour from check-in to jump.

Booking times are available on the hour & on the half hour and we normally can accommodate 6 jumpers per 30 minute block.

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  • Health Conditions. In order for us to ensure that your Bungy Jump experience is safe and enjoyable, it is important that you make us aware of any medical conditions you have before you jump. Please note that suffering from any of the following medical conditions won’t necessarily prevent you from jumping. Bungy jumping is, however, an adrenaline activity that will increase your blood pressure & heart rate and it is helpful if our staff understand what we are dealing with ahead of time. All our staff have received first aid training a nd a licensed responder is on site at all times. If you suffer from or are taking medication for any of the conditions listed below, please consult your physician prior to booking and then inform our staff of the condition when you check in on the day:

Heart Conditions,
High Blood Pressure,
Asthma, Bone Disorders,
Neurological Disorders,
Recent or Recurring Dislocations,
Recent Eye Surgery,
Prosthetic limbs Any other recent surgery…
Pregnant women will not be allowed to bungy jump.
If you have any other general concerns or concerns regarding recent injuries, please do not hesitate to ask our staff. As a general rule though, if you are active at the moment and can partake in sporting activities (such as jogging, skiing or extreme train-spotting), then bungy jumping should be fine.

  • Alcohol Policy Due to safety, liability & insurance issues, anyone found to have consumed alcohol on the day will not be allowed to bungy jump.
  • Age Restrictions: Participants must be 15 years of age or older. Anyone under the age of 20 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian or bring a waiver that has been pre-signed by their parent or guardian. Please contact us by phone or email to request a copy of our waiver or click on the button below.
  • Weight Restrictions: 40 ~ 105 kg (88 ~ 230 pounds)


  • First Jump: ¥16,000
  • 2nd Jump (Same day): ¥7,000
  • Repeat Jump: ¥10,000 (Certificate from previous jump & photo ID required)
  • Have you jumped at one of our other sites? Enjoy a ¥1,000 discount! (Certificate from previous jump & photo ID required)

*Onsite payments are cash only. Credit cards can only be accepted when reservations are made online.

  • Ryujin is open year round
  • 7 days a week, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Last booking time is 4:30 p.m.)

* Hours may be extended on demand
* Note that operation may be suspended in cases where safety is not guaranteed (i.e. typhoon, lightning etc.)

  • If your booking is cancelled, in full or in part, on the day before your scheduled jump, a 50% cancellation fee will be levied.
  • If your booking is cancelled, in full or in part, on the day of your scheduled jump, a 100% cancellation fee will be levied.

Bungy jumping goes ahead even in the event of rain. Please remember to bring an umbrella and possibly a change of clothes if the forecast calls for rain. The only case in which operations would be suspended would be for a typhoon or violent storm. In that case, we would contact customers directly at the earliest possible opportunity.