Kaiun Bungy


1190-20 Shigisannishi, Sango, Ikoma District, Nara 636-0832, Japan

30 meters     |    Price ¥12,000

Gopro rental and data available

Kaiun Bungy is nestled in the heart of Japan’s historic Nara region and located near the Chougosonshiji Temple and the base of Mount Shigi. The region has long been the cultural and spiritual heart of Japan.

The temple was founded by Prince Shotoku during the Asuka Period (592-710) Because the temple is related to the tiger of the Chinese Zodiac, which is used for the calendar, time and direction, the grounds of the temple are filled with figures of tigers. At the entrance, Fukutora, the world’s largest papier-mache tiger, greets visitors.

Come experience the thrill of bungy jumping and challenge yourself at Kansai’s only bridge bungy jump!!

  • 30 meters (98.425 feet)
  • Minimum Age 13 yrs
  • Weight: Min 40kg – Max 100 kg (88 ~ 220 pounds)
  • Kaiun Bungy / Kansai Bungy