Sarugakyo Bungy

Aimata, Minakami-machi, Tone-gun, Gunma-ken, 379-1404

62 meters     |     First Jump ¥14,000

GoPro rental and data available

Sarugakyo is Bungy Japan’s 4th tallest bridge and stands a whopping 62 meters above the Tone River. Step onto the Akatani Suikan Bridge, a bridge especially designed to carry water over the valley below, onto our specially designed platform and view the majestic Tone River cascading below.

The area is well known for Sarugakyo Onsen, a famous hot spring that is sure to provide you a soothing rest. Also on offer is canoeing on the nearby lake. The beauty of the surrounding nature ranks it as one of Bungy Japan’s most visually stunning places to get your bungy adrenaline fix.

Located just a 20 minute drive and from the Minakami bungy site and standing 20 meters higher, Sarugakyo is the perfect place to deepen your bungy experience. And what’s more because of its proximity to our Minakami location we offer discounted combo packages for those who’d like to jump from both bridges. Get a taste of both at 42 meter and 62 meter free fall and get a massive discount while you’re at it! Sarugakyo Bungy also features Japan’s first electric winch recovery so when your jump is done you’ll be reeled back up to the bridge! Which location will get your adrenaline pumping more?

  • 62 meters (203.412 feet)
  • Minimum Age 15 yrs
  • Weight: Min 40kg – Max 105 kg (88 ~ 230 pounds)
  • Year Round