If there are openings available, then it is possible to jump by simply showing up at our office on the day.  Customers with bookings will be given priority however, so it is possible that you might be subject to a long wait.  Weekends, national holidays and holiday periods such as Golden Week, O-bon and summer holidays can fill up quickly so booking well in advance is strongly recommended.  At all times however, making a booking is recommended to avoid disappointment.
 Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your booking time and make sure you’ve used the restroom etc. and then head to the reception.
Time on-site varies depending on the number of people in your group and on how busy we are that day.  As a general guideline however, on a moderately busy day, a group of 2 can expect to take one hour; a group of 6, one hour and a half; and a group of 12, two hours.
At any given time, those customers with current bookings will be given priority, so customers who arrive late will have to wait for the next available opening to complete their jump.  If you are going to be late for a booking, please contact us at 0278-72-8133 as soon as possible.
Cancellations, in full or in part, that occur on the day prior to the booking will incur a cancellation fee of 50% of the price of the cancelled jumps.  Cancellations on the day of the booking will incur a fee of 100%.  Cancellations of combination tours that involve activities with other adventure companies may also incur further fees depending on those company’s policies.

You will first arrive at reception and work your way through the check-in process which includes payment, insurance & liability procedures and weigh-in.  You will then receive a jump ticket which you bring out to the platform.  Upon checking in at the platform, you will be fitted with a harness and made ready to jump.  After your jump, you will either make your way from the riverside, or be reeled back up to the platform, back up to the cameraman’s tent beside the platform where you can have a look at your pictures.  Finally, return to reception to pick-up any checked articles and your Certificate of Courage.
1. Minakami:

Take the Kanetsu Highway to the Minakami interchange.  After passing through the toll gates, turn left at the first stoplights.  Then, after about 3 minutes of following the road, you will come to a large bridge.  Cross the bridge, past the bungy jump platform and you will see our reception office on the right.

If there is no traffic, it takes about 90 minutes from Nerima interchange.  Please be aware that if you are late for your booking, it is possible that you might not be able to jump that day.  With this in mind, please allow yourself a little extra time to reach Minakami.

2. Sarugakyo:

If coming by car, simply exit off of the Kanetsu Expressway at the Tsukiyono I.C. (月夜野I.C.) and take Route 17 to Sarugakyo Onsen (猿ヶ京温泉).  After arriving in Sarugakyo, you will pass a Lawson convenience store on your left-hand side.  Look for the entrance to Bungy Japan’s driveway on the right-hand side about 300 m past Lawson.  It is directly opposite the Kokyo Ryokan ( 湖 郷 ).

3. Ryujin:

Access (by car): Take the Joban Expressway from Misato IC to Naka IC (80 min) and then continue along Highway 349 until you reach Ryujin Otsuribashi (40min). Alternatively, take the Joban Expressway from Misato IC to Hitachi Minami Ota IC (80 min) and then continue along Highway 349 Bypass until you reach Ryujin Otsuribashi (40min).

4. Itsukimura:

Take the Kyushu Highway to the Hitoshi Interchange then take route 445 for approximately 45 minutes.

5. Nara:

Kaiun Bungy Reception is beside the Shigisan Kankou I Centre

If coming by car, exit off of the Kinki Expressway at the Higashi Osaka JCT (東大阪JCT) and take the toll road (Route 308) about 10km to Ichibu exit (壱分IC).  Head south on Route 168 for about 8km until you reach the Seino intersection (勢野). Turn right onto Route 236 and continue on for 3.9km until you arrive at the Shigisan neighborhood where the road crosses the river.  Do not head left across the river, but proceed straight ahead into the parking area.

1. Minakami:

By bullet train:  From Tokyo Station, take the Joestsu Shinkansen Line [上越新幹線] to Jomo Kogen Station [上毛高原駅] (90 minutes).  From the bus stop in front of the station, board a bus bound for Minakami Station [水上駅] and get off at the Suwa Jinja Mae bus stop [諏訪神社前] in front of the Komeri hardware store (20 minutes).  Walk across the big bridge to the Bungy Japan office (2 minutes).

By local train:  From Shinjuku, take the JR Takasaki Line [高崎線] to Takasaki Station [高崎駅] (90 minutes).  Transfer to the JR Joetsu Line [上越線] and take it to Minakami Station [水上駅] (60 minutes).  From Minakami Station, you can take a local bus (10 minutes), a taxi (5 minutes) or walk (30 minutes) to the Bungy Japan office.

Please note that the local trains and buses run infrequently and there can be up to an hour wait for a connection if not timed properly, therefore it is highly recommended to carefully check all required schedules.

2. Sarugakyo:

By bullet train: Ride the Joetsu Shinkansen Line (上越新幹線) to the Jomo Kogen Station (上毛高原駅).  At the station, board a bus headed for Sarugakyo Onsen (猿ヶ京温泉行).  After riding the bus for about 30 minutes, disembark at the bus stop in front of the Lawson convenience store (Gakko Iriguchi Stop) and continue on foot, in the same direction as the bus was travelling, for about 300 m (5 minutes).  Look for the entrance to Bungy Japan’s driveway on the right-hand side, directly opposite the Kokyo Ryokan ( 湖 郷 ).

By local train: You must first get to Takasaki Station [高崎駅] in Gunma and then take the JR Joetsu Line [上越線] to Gokan Station [後閑駅] .  At the station, board a bus headed for Sarugakyo Onsen (猿ヶ京温泉行).  After riding the bus for about 40 minutes, disembark at the bus stop in front of the Lawson convenience store and continue on foot (in the same direction as the bus was travelling) for about 300 m (5 minutes).  Look for the entrance to Bungy Japan’s driveway on the right-hand side, directly opposite the Kokyo Ryokan ( 湖 郷 ).

3. Ryujin:

Access (by train): Take the JR Joban Line (Super Hitachi) from Ueno Stn. to Mito Stn. (70 min) where you will change to the JR Suigun Line and continue on to Hitachi Ota Stn. (50 min). At the station, board an Ibaraki Kotsu bus that is headed for either Shimo Takakura (下高倉行) or Shimo Takakura Daigo ( 下高倉・大子行) and get off at the Ryujin Otsuribashi Iriguchi bus stop (40 min). From the bus stop, it is about a 20-minute walk up to the bridge.For more information on the Ibaraki Kotsu bus schedule, please click on the link below and choose “English”:

茨城交通(株)太田営業所 「茨城交通バス時刻表検索システム」

4. Itsukimura: From Fukuoka Station take the Kyushu Shinkansen to Shin-Yatsushiro Station then switch to the Kagaoshima Honsen to Yatsushiro Station then switch to the Hiatusen to Hitoyoshi Station. From there take the Sanko Rosen Bus (approx 60min)


1. Minakami: Free parking for 50 cars as well as space for tour buses is available.  Simply cross the bridge and follow the signs to the Bungy Japan parking lot at “Minakami no Mori” which is a short 3 minute walk from reception.  Please note that stopping on the bridge for any reason is prohibited.

2. Sarugakyo: Parking is avilalble in the designated Bungy Japan parking lot near Route 17. After arriving in Sarugakyo, you will pass a Lawson convenience store on your left-hand side. Look for the entrance to Bungy Japan’s driveway on the right-hand side about 300 m past Lawson. It is directly opposite the Kokyo Ryokan ( 湖 郷 ).

3. Ryujin: After exiting Route 33 there are four parking lots available. Please note the top lots tend to fill during peak seasons.

4. Itsukimura: Parking is available at reception.

Bungy jumping goes ahead even in the event of rain.  Please remember to bring an umbrella and possibly a change of clothes if the forecast calls for rain.  The only case in which operations would be suspended would be if a typhoon, violent storm or an emergency dam release caused the river to rise to a level that made it dangerous to attempt to disembark jumpers in the raft below.  In that case, we will contact customers directly at the earliest possible opportunity.
You will end up hanging up-side down momentarily, so women are advised not to wear skirts.  Otherwise, loose, comfortable clothing that is appropriate for light activity is recommended.  Please note that at some locations you will be fitted with an ankle harness, it is important that we be able to have easy access to your calves & ankles therefore slim-legged pants should not be worn.
Sneakers or sandals that are secured to your foot are recommended, but regular beach sandals or crocs are fine as well.  Depending on the location we will be fitting you with an ankle harness, so please do not wear high-cut shoes or boots; your ankles and calves must be easily accessible.  Furthermore at Minakami Bungy the path back up from the riverside to the platform is rocky and steep in places, so you should wear comfortable shoes that you don’t mind getting scuffed; no high-heels please. Low-cut shoes are the best option.
Jumpers can either remove their glasses or opt to have them attached by a rubber strap when they jump.  Jumping while wearing contact lenses is fine, however they have been known to fall out so, if you are concerned about losing them, please remove them before jumping.
In order for us to ensure your safety please check our medical conditions board and let our staff know of any medical issues that you may have – especially if you need medication. In most cases these medical conditions will not prevent you from being able to bungy jump but will help our staff know how to assist you in case of an emergency.
Anyone who has a serious medical condition, has suffered some type of injury in the past or has any doubts at all regarding their physical condition and how it could be affected by bungy jumping should first consult a doctor before booking.
With certain pre-existing injuries (such as shoulder dislocations) our staff will be able to advise you of certain ways to jump that will minimise the risk of aggravating the injury – the jumpmaster will make a decision on the day as to whether a customer is fit to jump.  Bungy Japan does not accept any responsibility for the aggravation of pre-existing injuries that arise from bungy jumping.
We have never heard of any complications arising for bungy jumpers who have had laser surgery on their eyes, but even so, Bungy Japan strongly suggests that jumpers should wait at least 3 months after having surgery before attempting a bungy jump.  Please consult a doctor if you have any concerns.
The cord reaches full extension very smoothly and so your body will experience no sudden jolt at the bottom of the jump.  You will, of course, gradually feel the tightening of the harness around your ankles as you reach full extension, but otherwise there rebound is very smooth and fluid.
Absolutely.  The cameraman will not be allowed onto the platform, but there are positions just beside the platform from where the jumper can be filmed & interviewed.  Bungy Japan does not provide video equipment or helmet cams, so customers must supply their own equipment.
A waiver must be signed before cameras and other handheld devices can be used. Cameras must be equipped with a hand or wrist strap of some kind and all objects, both cameras and others, must be secured using a heavy masking or duct tape (Customers are required to provide their own tape).  Specifically manufactured helmet cams are also permissible.
Other objects must be light-weight and not have any sharp points or edges.  Our customers’ safety is our number one concern and ultimately, the jump master reserves the right to disallow any object from being used during a jump.  We thank you for your understanding.